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Alphabet Soup for Lovers- Anita Nair


The world is a canvas, they say, wide enough to paint with a myriad hues or write a poignant paragraph. Break the limits, be creative they tell you. But Anita Nair goes beyond that in her latest fiction ‘Alphabet Soup for Lovers’. In fact she redefines creativity itself with her unique storytelling format, a blend of alphabets, food, and forbidden love that whets your appetite leaving you wanting more!

From A for Appalam, though I for the ubiquitous Inji, and Z for Zigartanda, the story narrated by Komathi the cook, flows through her delectable dishes encompassing the aroma of Leena’s forbidden love cooking in the picturesque vessel of Annamali hills.
It is visible from the ‘A’ that Leena’s life with KK, the perfect non -interfering husband lacks the crispiness of the perfectly fried Appalam. But with the entrance of the seemingly unreachable B for ‘Badam’ or actor Shoola -her life spices up a bit. The stolen kisses, the gleam in Leena’s eyes, and walks in the scenic tea plantation at Annamali unfolds the story of love, of passion and emotion that knows no age or marital status. The comfort of each other company is all that matters to Leena and Shoola. None of this goes unnoticed by Komathi, who believes in making her own rules for the perfect ‘Ooorkai’ (pickles), refusing to follow tradition whether it is in the making of pickles or her life. Yet she can’t digest the fact that the child she cares for so much, is trying to live life on her own terms. As she confesses:

” Sometimes we must make our own rules, depending on what works for us. Which is why I don’t understand myself. When Leena is making her own rules, why do I find myself unable to accept or approve?”

Does Komathi’s love for Rayar have anything to do with this? Or is it that she cares too much?
Does Leena walk away with Shoola leaving a loveless marriage?
Read and find out! But here is something to keep you guessing…..

“An old love. A new love. The limbo in between. The waiting. The wanting. The not knowing what becomes of your tomorrow.”

The least we can do when we find a really creative author is to BUY HER BOOK AND READ IT!
Thank you Anita Nair for redefining creativity!