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The Bestseller She wrote- Ravi Subramanian


Ravi Subramanian’s novel is what it claims to be,  a cocktail of love betrayal and redemption. The plot spins around the hot and happening banker com novelist Aditya Kapoor who has it all- money, career fame and a loving wife. Between promoting his new novel to interviewing new recruits at IIM he meets Shreya who wants to be a bestselling author. Taking her  as his protégé Aditya gets involved with her as her guide and lover. So is it a   “Pati patni or woh” kind of story ? Not really read on…

The seduction which begins at an IIM lecture, goes through the recruitment process and ends in Shreya landing a job at the same bank as Aditya’s after a strong recommendation to his friend Sanjay of HR .Shreya’s single minded determination and fierce ambition comes to the fore as she pushes him to do her bidding right from speaking to his publisher to reading drafts of her novel and editing it. But before he realizes it Aditya is pulled into the quagmire of a forbidden affair, and is on the verge of facing harassment charges, and almost loses his wife to a dreaded disease. Does he redeem himself? If so how?  Does Shreya love him or is he just a means to an end? Does her book see the light of day? does it become a bestseller

That’s for you to read and find out! Ravi is an engaging storyteller .

The plot, the narrative and characterization has all the trappings of a successful Bollywood blockbuster, and as the book proclaims, will soon be one.

Ravi Subramanian brings in real life superstars into his fiction , making Aditya Kapoor almost real! Chetan Bhagat, Anurag Kashyap and finally himself as a celebrated novelist! Good one that!

If you like the Karan Johar kind of movies you will love this book.

For me it was a relaxing read on a 3 hour flight. It’s the kind of Indian fiction you can read once, but will I watch the movie? aah!  Well! maybe not.


sumathigovida • January 24, 2016

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