For the love of Indian Fiction

Chain of Custody – Anita Nair

Literature holds a mirror to society, and so does Anita’s Chain of Custody. But the reflections you see are definitely not pretty, they are scary, repulsive, horrifying pictures of human greed, poverty and degradation.The reflections in this fiction that mirrors the evils of trafficking in Bengaluru are so stark that it seems at first unbelievable….

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Alphabet Soup for Lovers

The world is a canvas, they say, wide enough to paint with a myriad hues or write a poignant paragraph. Break the limits, be creative they tell you. But Anita Nair goes beyond that in her latest fiction ‘Alphabet Soup for Lovers’. In fact she redefines creativity itself with her unique storytelling format, a blend…

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The Bestseller She wrote- Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian’s novel is what it claims to be,  a cocktail of love betrayal and redemption. The plot spins around the hot and happening banker com novelist Aditya Kapoor who has it all- money, career fame and a loving wife. Between promoting his new novel to interviewing new recruits at IIM he meets Shreya who wants…

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Menaka’s Choice

  The untold story of  the divine nymph Menaka who is both sensual and spiritual, who loves and looses, sacrifices and seduces. A poignant tale of an apsara’s choices who is not a lowly seductress, as popular portrayal would have us believe, but a woman of dignity , courage and above all self respect and compassion….

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Vishwamitra- by Dr Vineet Agarwal

Brought up on a sumptuous diet of Amar Chitra Katha and grandmas stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the name Vishwamitra conjured up images of Menaka and Shakuntala and reminded me of sage Vashishta. The picture of a sage  with a kamandalu, who was part of the epics but never a hero, Just  another sage who…

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The summer of 1990 in Bangalore. It was a perfect day as I walked towards my first job as a cub reporter in Deccan Herald with dreams in my heart, a prayer on my lips and brand new Bata slippers on my feet. I was going to meet the news editor for my first assignment….

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The Goddess

Mysore! The city of palaces with its old world charm, memories of summer holidays with cousins, trekking up Chamundi hills to get a glimpse of the divine goddess, the Dasarafestivities, the smell of jasmine, the craving for  my aunts  home cooked food and the love of literature which I share with my uncle beckons me…

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Cut Like Wound

I loved Ladies Coupe and after a long interval,  picked up another Anita Nair- “Cut like Wound”, judging by the illustrations and excerpts which promised a good story set in our very own Bengaluru. Judging a book by its cover?! Preposterous! You may exclaim, Guilty as charged is my reply. But this technique has rarely failed me. While the whiff…

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Curse of Surya

  Epic, mystery, terrorism, with a tad bit of romance and an international star cast- makes The Curse of Surya-by Dev Prasad “unputdownable”. It keeps you turning the pages until the mystery of the 5000 year old Shyamantaka is resolved. It belongs to a genre of books that are quite popular in Indian fiction today,…

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